Newly formed in 2020 to respond to the evolving challenges in today’s design industry, BVG4 Architecture merges the strengths of two firms with extensive design experience into a single firm with the best aspects of each.

BV Architects was founded in 2002 by Melissa Brand-Vokey to help cities and counties plan for the needs of their buildings. With her specialized experience at forecasting spatial needs trends and budgets, Melissa has been able to assist many municipal clients nationally with identifying the requirements for their staff and facility needs, while also providing space planning and interior design for their subsequent buildings. As a licensed Architect, she provides design insights that are necessary to a municipality during the decision-making process about facility needs and requirements.
Gang of Four Design was founded in 1990 by Thom Powell, while practicing in California and Texas. With his experience at multiple building types, such as medical, office, arts, civic, performance, religious, education, multi-family, mixed-use and sustainable design, Thom brings a well-rounded and innovative approach to every design problem. As a licensed Architect, he provides a thorough understanding of the possibilities and limitations of each building and project.

One aspect of BVG4 Architecture that is particularly relevant in today’s challenging design climate is the understanding and experience with using an on-demand resource network. As the profession has evolved, the previous business models of operating an office have left many clients with inexperienced hands guiding their projects. By employing an on-demand network of professionals, BVG4 clients get the experienced professionals that are right for the project.